Why Put Bags Over Car Mirrors When Traveling Alone? Answered

Why put bags over car mirrors when traveling alone

When an advertisement was released all over the internet asking to use bags over cars when traveling alone, most of them did not know the reason for this advertisement. Most had the same question “why put bags over car mirrors when traveling alone” or was this another trick on the internet for the spammer. No one knew why this handy picture covering the mirror with the zip lock bag asking to “click here” was quite fishy.

But behind all these advertisements booming over the internet, there was a real for why put bags over car mirrors when traveling alone.

Here is the article on why put bags over car mirrors when traveling alone.

We all know that we must consider our safety more when traveling alone. It is evident that understanding the situation would be better if you had someone with you while traveling alone.

Why Put Bags Over Car Mirrors When Traveling Alone?

Before we get into the topic, this is to remind you that here we are to give answers for all the advertisements that went viral in 2022!

Though many thought it was just a trick on the internet, it made us think about the advantages that can be bought when a plastic bag is used over car mirrors. The advertisements that boomed over the internet had a deeper meaning than just an advertisement.

What you will be reading below will give you the idea to “why put bag over car mirrors when travelling alone” It is also another travel hack idea one must know.

  • As stated above, when traveling alone, you must consider your safety more. It could be any time of the year you are traveling but be prepaid to face any weather condition. Using a bag over your mirror can protect your mirror from different weather, be it the snow, rain, or dust.
  • It also avoids the stains from the bird droppings in a parking lot. 
  • You might carry your valuables, and robberies can quickly happen anytime, and it will not be safe for you to face this situation alone. Covering the mirror with a plastic bag makes it less reflective to see through what’s inside your car, reducing the risk of robberies hitting. surrounding the mirror with a plastic bag can also help you from robbing your side mirror if it’s expensive.
  • Using a plastic bag in your side view mirror can also save the driver while driving at night. You can keep the headlights off the side mirror if the light shines; making it difficult for the driver to operate, and this can avoid accidents and prevent glare for the driver.
  • After you park and sleep inside the car, the light reflecting can be disturbed. The plastic bag on the side-view mirror blocks the sunlight and gives you shade to rest inside the car.
  • It also protects the mirror from dust and sunburns, damaging the paint of the vehicle,
  • The plastic bag used to cover the mirror has another more significant advantage. It is common to face minor accidents in the parking lot while parking; hence it can reduce the damage of accidents when scratched or bruised while traveling. In this case, you don’t have to repair it when you are alone and handle the situation once you have returned from the travel.
  • There is a possibility of mistaking the lass cleaner on display for something different and might break into your car searching for assets.
  • It keeps the car floor clean.
  • You can use the bag in an emergency to store things when traveling alone.
  • When parked, there can be animals around, suck as little birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. They might find it interesting to see themselves reflected on the other side. But their little brains do not know; it’s them and not another version themselves on the other side. So they try to get through the mirror, which can cause minor cracks. Using a plastic bag over the car mirror help to eradicate the situation.

how to be safe in a car

Disadvantages of Using Bag Over Car Mirrors While Traveling

Not every travel trick comes perfect. The facts stated below will discuss the disadvantage of using a bag over car mirrors while traveling. Here are a few of the disadvantages of using a bag over car mirrors while traveling

  • It can be distracting – It can hinder the clear view of the mirror when a load is used over the mirror. It blocks the transparency of the mirror, blocking the original view
  • Also, it makes the car look messy – Though this might sound unimportant, people might think that the piece was caught during the groceries or elsewhere.
  • Marks your vulnerability – When you are using a bag over your mirror, it shows that you are insecure about something, and it might look like you are weak and hiding from the world.

So, Why Put Bags On Vehicle Mirrors When Traveling?

As stated above, it is essential to consider your safety first while traveling alone. Hence as stated in the article, the advertisement that went viral on the internet has bought its true meaning.

We have clarified why we put bags over car mirrors while traveling alone. We have also discovered the advantage and disadvantages of using a load over a car mirror while traveling.

It is advisable to use a bag to view mirrors while traveling alone; to keep yourself safe from accidents and unfortunate events.

This article has spoken on how a bag over car mirrors can help you; it protects the side view mirrors. Also enables you to drive safely without distraction. As stated above, it blocks the sunlight and gives less reflection into the car.

You can stop the thief from stealing your money, debit card, credit card, and expensive accessories such as the watch, as it is difficult to see through the mirror this, ensures the safety of the driver’s valuables.

Using the bags also protects the mirror from different weather conditions. In addition, it makes the accidents better than they can be worse.

We have also spoken of the disadvantages of using a bag over car mirrors. However, it does not sound important as the reason why put bags over car mirrors while traveling.


What else you can do in order to be safe when driving alone at night? 

First of all, you have to know where you are going. It prevents you from getting lost, especially at night. When traveling somewhere, you need information about where you are going. Primarily you have to keep your windows clean to observe the environment.

If you’re tired, get some rest, and if you get enough rest, you can be more attentive to the road. Before starting your journey, you need to check fuel, coolant, brake oil, engine oil, etc.

Most importantly, you should never stare at oncoming vehicle headlights. Also, don’t use low lights when traveling because when using low lights, your eyes will get hard to see the road.

Ensure your car or truck is in good running condition and your brakes are at best working state.. Keep a pocket flashlight, phone charger, and tire gauge in your glove compartment. 

Most accidents occur due to drunken drivers. Don’t consume any alcohol if you have to drive your vehicle.


Is putting bags over car mirrors primarily a female practice, or do men also do it when traveling alone?


Yes, women tend to do this more compared to men. Regardless of your gender, if you put a bag over the car mirrors, it can help you to avoid breaking thieves into your car because thieves can see if there are any valuable items in your car from behind, and they can steal them from you.


Is the practice of putting bags over car mirrors more common among certain age groups or demographics?


No, nowadays most practice putting bags over the car mirrors. Additionally, in cold countries, it keeps preventing defrosting your side mirrors. If you want to nap in the vehicle, you can put a bag over the side mirrors. It blocks incoming light sources such as headlight rays from the vehicle, sunlight, and other light poles. Also, it helps to say that car is not abandoned or the vehicle is broken down to the authorities.


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