Feels Like My Tire is Wobbling at a Low Speed – Here’s What You Need to Know!

feels like my tire is wobbling at a low speed

A wobbling tire is like a baby deer who always seem to love the touch of the earth as it falls a lot. Subsequently, a wobbly tire loves the touch of the earth as they seem to harm the vehicle or the driver, sometimes greatly and sometimes mildly. Therefore, it is very important to know why I feels like my tire is wobbling at a low speed. First, we must be familiar with the meaning of a “wobbly tire.” Then why and how do these wobbling tires occur, along with signs that predict a “wobbly tire.” Moreover, we will discuss how to fix this dangerous situation.

What does a “Wobbling Tire” Mean?

A wobbling tire is an earthquake you will feel through the steering wheel as you drive off. It is an emergency that needs the care of an ICU.

Suppose you feel the wheels wobbling when your speed is around 15- 20 Mph. In that case, there can be many reasons why such a situation could occur.

These reasons are unacceptable tire pressure, worn brake pads and disks, and driving on detrimental road situations, ultimately resulting in uneven tires.

These reasons make a “wobbly tire,” which puts the life of the driver and the vehicle in severe danger.

If you are struggling even to keep your car straight, the problem is severe. A technician must be quickly consulted to avoid future dangers and accidents.

Are there Any Specific Signs or Symptoms of a Tire Wobbling Issue?

You must take a wobbling tire seriously, as it can reach severe accidents if not fixed. Therefore how can we understand the cries of our vehicles that try to warn us about this dilemma? As we mentioned, if you struggle to keep your car straight, this is a huge deal breaker, as it is a sign of a wobbling tire.

A wobbling car with metallic sounds is another symptom. At the same time, you start to notice flat spots on the surface of the tires you entrusted with your life signs that you are developing wobbly tires. 

What Could be the Possible Causes of Tire Wobbling at Low Speed?

You might be frightened as you see a ghost puzzled by the wobbling sensation of the wheel that you get through the steering wheel. Depending on this situation, being scared or panicking is not the wisest thing to do. You will have to discover the causes of this deadly effect, hence why we are here to help you discover those causes. The main causes for the catastrophic issues are two types. They are,

  1. Tire-related Causes

  1. Separation of a Tire

If you feel your wheels wobbling at a very low-speed level, there might be a separation of the tire happening. If this is the case, you are in great danger as a separated tire means a tire blowing is near the fence. Thus you must reach a tire shop or a technician without delay.

  1. Vaguely Bent Tire

If you feel a moderate shake or wobble of the tire at a low speed as 30 Mph, this cause is not as severe as the previous one. However, it would help if you still took the necessary actions to repair these issues.

  1. Cupping of a Tire

If you notice a wavy texture at the tire’s rim, you will surely enjoy a ride with unsafe tires. In this case, you always have to check out the alignments of the tires to avoid tire cuppings.

  1. Damaged Axles and Rims

It would be useful if you investigated the axles through an axle wrench by lifting the axle. You must consult a professional if the results appear as damaged and irregular axles. If your rims are bent, your tires depending on those rims will be the death of your vehicle.

  1. Low Tire Pressure

You must check the tire pressure often, as low pressure can cause many problems, leading to severe results. Thus, if you notice low pressure, you will also experience a wobbling sensation.

  1. Loose Partitions of your Wheels

This is a very common occurrence. If your tire’s partitions are loose, you will experience wobbliness.

  1. Wheel Bearing

This partition connects the car’s hub to the axle on each wheel. If this part deteriorates, you will participate in the wobbly dance of your tires.

  1. Bolts or Screws are Getting Loosened

It is the simplest cause that would result in unsafe tires. If the bolts or the screws that connect everything related to the tires are loose, you will also hear metal clicking with the wobbliness.

  1. Cause Unrelated to Tires

  2. Worn-out Motor Mounts

Suppose you are experiencing a wobble session when accelerating or struggling a drive uphill. In that case, these incidents occur due to worn-out motor mounts. The connection between the engine and chassis is called “the motor mount.”

  1. Twisted Brake Rotors

The car may do the wobble dance when the brake rotors are compressed when you brake. The rotors become twisted due to heat, water, hard braking, and friction, ultimately leading to wobbling.

  1. Engine

Suppose you are having problems and issues around the engine of your vehicle. In that case, there’s the biggest possibility that those issues will be highlighted through the vehicle. However, if there’s such a problem, it will directly affect the steering wheel hence the wheels. Thus you will again face the wobbly dance. However, if it is an issue with the engine, it can be serious. Therefore visiting a tire shop will be the best solution as well. 

These causes are the main causes behind your car and tire’s wobbly dance. As you have comprehended the cause of the effect, you can now look for the solutions to save your life and money along with the vehicle. 

How do I Fix a Tire Wobble

How do I Fix a Tire Wobble?

Fixing a tire wobble all by yourself is not an easy chore to bestow upon once self. Thus, to “fix” a wobbly tire, you’ll need some knowledge about tires.

The fixation procedure thoroughly depends on the driver’s problem; however, the most common fixing process includes removing the old tire and re-attaching a new one.

Suppose you are experiencing the wobbliness of your tire amidst the main road. In that case, the best solution is to drive to the technician as soon as possible.

It would help if you did not stop for a quick snack before the tire shop. You should quickly reach out to a technician. This way, you are ensuring your protection.

Yet, if you are willing to take the challenge, we will also be prepping you with the steps to change a tire.

If you change a tire, you will have a few things in your possession. They are,

  1. Lug wrench
  2. Jack
  3. A new tire(fully inflated)
  4. Vehicle manual

It will also be better to check the spare tire’s pressure regularly.

Now we will move on to the actual process.

  1. Move to a safe location in the middle of the road.
  2. Turn on your hazard lights so the other drivers will notice you.
  3. Put the wheel wedges behind or in front of the tires.
  4. Loosen the lug nuts using the lug wrench only up to 1/4 of the nut. Make sure you do not remove them completely.
  5. Keep your jack under the vehicle with the flat tire.
  6. Now raise your vehicle with the aid of the jack.
  7. Completely unscrew the lug nuts
  8. remove the previous tire
  9. place the new tire with the lug nuts
  10. tighten the lug nuts
  11. lower the vehicle and tighten the lug nuts once more for reassurance

Can a Damaged or Bent Wheel cause the Feeling of the Tire Wobbling at Low Speeds?

Can a damaged or bent wheel cause the feeling of the tire wobbling at low speeds? The simplest and most accurate answer to this question is yes, they can. Moreover, it is one of the main reasons such a thing could happen.

Wheel alignment is the most important thing when it comes to bent wheels. If your rims or the wheels are bent, you can simply ensure that by riding the car; if the car is shaky, then surely your rims and wheels are bent. You can feel the wheel bend if you are willing to touch the tire.

What Steps Do you Need to Take When your Car Starts Behaving Wobbly?

Is it safe to drive with a wobbly tire? This question must be the first one that pops up when you suddenly reach the epiphany that there is a serious issue with your car, as the wobbling is constant when driving at low speed.

I am sure you are left with nothing but big question marks roaming around you. First, you can turn on your hazard lights to inform the other drivers that you are facing a complication while reaching out for a safe spot to park the car.

Here you can check your wheels to see whether they are imbalanced or bent; you can also investigate the engine. Thus whether you find a problem or not, you must consult a technician.

If you are in a condition to move your car safely, try and reach a technician as soon as possible. If not, try calling a technician.


How Do I Check My Tire Balance?

 You can check the tire balance by following the given steps.

  1. Choose the wheel that you guess is imbalanced
  2. While the wheel is on the vehicle, clean it very well.
  3. Put on weight at the 12-clock position and increase the revolution of the car until the car starts to vibrate.
  4. If there’s no vibration, put the weight on 45 degrees and do the same procedure.
  5. You will complete the balancing procedure when you find the vibrating point.

How Much Wobble is Acceptable on a Tire?

Suppose your vehicle is a car, and you have not yet identified the cause of the wobbling. In that case, it is not a good choice to ignore the wobbling depending on the wobbling settings of the bicycle. Thus the damage that can be done by a car is huge, and you should not let any wobbling dance occur with your car. However, a 1mm bicycle wobble is slightly acceptable, while 2mm is marginal.

Watch this one,

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