How To Get The Right Tire Size For Chevy Equinox – Full Guide

Tire Size For Chevy Equinox

It’s not particularly difficult to choose the proper tire size for Chevy Equinox. But there are a few things you need to know to acquire the right size and kind. First of all, we will look at Chevy Equinox’s second generation, especially the model years 2010 to 2017.

The next thing to be aware of is that various tires are different for various wheel sizes. Thus the size of tire you require will vary on the trim you are using for a specific year. Before looking for cheap tires, we’ll assist you in identifying what you require and what you need to know for the exact tire for the chevy equinox.

What Is The Correct Tire Size For Chevy Equinox

So, what are the fitting tire sizes for chevy equinox? The good thing is that you only need to be mindful of three tire sizes with a second-generation Chevy Equinox. The following are your options if you own a model made between 2010 and 2013.

You require a 225/65R17 tire for an LS trim and a 235/55R18 / 235/55R19 tire for an LT trim, depending on whether you choose 18-inch or 19-inch tires. Additionally, you need 225/65R17 tires for the LTZ model.

There are three different tire sizes for such LTZ trim based on the size of the wheels: a 225/65R17 tire for 17-inch tires, a 235/55R18 tire for 18-inch tires, and a 235/55R19 tire for 19-inch wheels. For 2014 vehicles, your tires will mostly remain the same as for prior years.

There is one difference between the 2015 and 2016 versions, and the 2014 and earlier models: an L trim level gets added. However, it utilizes the same 225/65R17 tires as the LS trim version.

The LS and LT trims utilize the exact tire sizes as prior models, so if you need to buy tires for a 2017 Chevy Equinox. You don’t need to worry well about the L trim. This was only offered for 2 years in the second generation. The Premier trim has taken the role of the LTZ trim, and it may get equipped with either 225/65R17 or 235/55R18 tires. It depends on whether you have 17- or 18-inch wheels. 

How To Read The Tire Size?

Understanding the numbers’ meanings is crucial when reading tire sizes. But how to read tire size to get the right tire size for chevy equinox? For All-season tires measuring P225/60 R18 for the Chevrolet Equinox Premier:

  • The number 225 represents the tire’s width in millimeters measured from one side to the other. The width of this tire is 225 millimeters.
  • Aspect ratio, often known as sidewall height, is shown as a proportion of tire width by the number 60. Its height in this instance is 60% or 135 millimeters.
  • R stands for radial tires. The most popular kind of car tire is radials. They have layers of rubber added to enhance the tread and are woven with fabric at various angles.
  • The number 18 denotes the wheel diameter.

What Are The Tire Options Available For Chevy Equinox

Now that you know what the new Equinox includes and how to interpret size designations, let’s examine your many tire options. You may choose from a range of tire types depending on the driving you do, where you reside, and the weather:

  • Touring and all-season tires include a comfortable ride, superior dry and wet grip, adequate winter traction, and longer tread life. Although these tires may get used for winter driving, they cannot get expected to have the exact grip and stopping ability as a specialist winter tire.
  • Performance tires emphasize safe driving, improved wet and dry grip, and a lively feel. Their greater ratings for grip and speed come at the expense of shorter tread life and a worse ride.
  • All-terrain tires have to get designed to optimize off-road traction and offer good overall durability. Although their design results in increased noise and reduced comfort while driving, their winter grip and tread wearing are adequate.
  • Winter and snow tires are created with unique rubber compositions that maintain flexibility and traction in freezing conditions. They are also constructed with unique tread patterns to enhance the vehicle’s capability to start and halt on particularly slick roads.

Changing Chevrolet Equinox Tire Size

Your Equinox’s wheels may get changed for ones of a different size. This may get done for several reasons, such as the requirement for a new kind of tire or the need for a smooth or sportier ride. You must choose a larger tire with a higher sidewall to compensate for the lesser size of your wheels when you want to downsize them. This is done to keep the total size of the tire and tire constant.

Wheel downsizing provides certain benefits. Those Benefits comprise:

  • A thicker sidewall gives additional cushion to rough roads, improving ride comfort.
  • Lower wheel size will result in less expensive tire purchases since larger wheel sizes make tires more expensive.
  • Seasonal variations – A larger variety of smaller wheel sizes are compatible with winter and snow tires, and the latter’s narrower footprint will enhance grip.
  • Off-road – To improve the vehicle’s capacity for shock absorption and bump grip on loose roads, many drivers opt to decrease their wheels for off-road use.

On the other hand, increasing the size of the wheels provides advantages:

  • Better Handling – Less rubber moves around with slimmer profile tires.
  • Better Aesthetics – Although this point is debatable. Many individuals believe that bigger wheels with less rubber appear more attractive.
  • Better Braking: Wider, larger wheels put more rubber on the road, slowing the car down and shortening the stopping distance.

Final Thought

At first, this may all seem a little perplexing, but once you know the know-how after going through the above article, you will get enough information about the tire size for chevy equinox.

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