About Us

Welcome to Cargarageonline.com!

We are a reputed car repair centre in the capital of Sri Lanka. Established in 2003, we provide solutions to almost all the issues related to cars, particularly the contemporary models that are running on the roads right now.

We thought, now it’s the correct time for us to take our business online, and Cargarageonline.com is a result of that thought. Here, on Cargarageonline, we help readers all around the world to get their cars fixed with simple-to-follow troubleshooting guides.

The best thing about the content on this blog is that everything on it is published under the guidance of expert and well-qualified mechanics in Sri Lanka. The way we provide you with the articles means that even if you are a rookie to these things, you should be able to understand the cause of the error and what should be your next step.

If you need more clarification or need us to attend to your issue, please visit the contact us page, and we will be there for your rescue at our earliest. Finally, our blog is relatively new, and we highly appreciate it if you help us to grow and share cargarageonline.com with the people who are in need. Cheers!