How To Change Car Key Battery Toyota Prius / Yaris / Corolla / Camry

How To Change Car Key Battery Toyota

Life does not always go as planned, and you may be left with such a non-functioning or lost Toyota key fob. Toyota has always been in the vehicle business for a long time. It has never stopped improving and maintaining its position. Despite the influx of new car brands and models, Toyota can keep its position as one of its top automobiles. Now you might be thinking about how to change car key battery of Toyota?

Toyota has also included keyless entry with its current model. Fortunately, replacing a Toyota key fob battery is simple, and we’re here to assist.

How To Change Car Key Battery Toyota? 

So how to change the car key battery of Toyota vehicles? When the Toyota key fob battery stops working, you must open the casing to see what type of battery is inside.

You may access your key fob case in newer Toyota vehicles by unfolding the concealed key and inserting it into a hole mainly designed to expand the case. In earlier Toyotas, you’ll unlock the case by inserting a thin item inside the case and prying it open where you notice a prominent notch.

The following are the steps for replacing a Toyota key fob battery:

  • Use any of the techniques listed above to open your key fob.
  • After opening the shell, raise the electronic circuit and search for the battery.
  • Take notice of the type of battery and how it rests in the casing. Typically, a CR2032 battery may get found at Watsonville hardware stores and large box merchants, and most places have prices that are less than $5.
  • Close the key fob after inserting the Toyota key fob replacement battery.
  • Replace your key fob’s battery and set it through its paces. If it still doesn’t work, open the case again and double that the connectors are clean and in touch with the battery. If you’re still having problems, you should purchase a replacement Toyota key fob or contact our service department.

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Different Toyota Car Key Models Of Installation

Although the general steps get mentioned according to the Toyota models, the steps are given below for how to change the car key battery in different Toyota models. 

How To Change Toyota Prius Key Battery 

Innovative Key technology gets currently used in the majority of Toyota vehicle models. For most automobiles and vehicles, it gets referred to as keyless entry. Toyota Prius is such a Toyota vehicle that employs this technology.

Let’s have a look at how the Toyota Prius replaces its car key battery below:

  • The manual key is stowed away within your key fob. You must first delete this. Look for the tab it slides through to the end of the fob to do this. It’s at the end in the keyring that gets fastened.
  • Pull the automatic key out by sliding this tab off the ring.
  • After removing the key, move the tab and hold it. Simultaneously, remove the casing’s rear cover.
  • Disassemble the four screws after removing the rear cover. This device will enable screwing back a lot simpler when you get completed.
  • You may easily remove the battery with another screwdriver whenever the plate is off. Take care not to harm the internal components of a key fob by doing so. You don’t want to spend much more money on this than on the battery.

How To Change Toyota Camry Key Battery 

The instructions for the Toyota Camry are almost identical to those for the other year’s models. It contains a digital display that will show you whether the battery is going low. If you see this, you must replace it immediately or risk leaving the critical fob dead for an extended period.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Pull out the manual key by pressing the lock on the fob’s side. 
  • The key fob should be prayed openly at the end of the manual key. Place the key’s end within the narrow area, parallel to the space from whence you drew it.
  • To remove the fob, twist the manual key.
  • The battery gets located on the opposite side of both the circuit board. Insert the manual key into the board and pull it out.
  • Take out the battery.
  • Change the battery with a new CR 1632, which would be the vehicle key battery used by the Camry.
  • Reassemble the pieces and check that it works properly.

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How To Change Toyota Corolla Key Battery 

One of Toyota’s most famous automotive models is the Corolla. You must be one of many Corolla owners, and one of your issues must be changing the vehicle key batteries.

  • Replacing the Corolla’s vehicle key battery is straightforward. The key does not require any reprogramming, and you’ll need a good screwdriver to pry the essential fob sections away.
  • You can locate the flat tiny spherical battery inside once you properly pried them apart. A CR2016 button battery gets used.

When replacing a battery, make sure the positive side is facing up. You can reassemble the unit in the other direction.

How To Change Toyota Yaris Key Battery

Here’s what you can do to help your Toyota Yaris:

  • Press the latch on the key fob’s side.
  • Remove the manual key while still hanging onto the lock.
  • Place the key inside the slot and twist to split the fob in half.
  • Gently remove the battery’s rear cover. You may flip the cover with your fingernails or a screwdriver.
  • Take out the old battery.
  • Replace it with the new one. A CR2032 battery powers the Yaris.
  • Reassemble the assembly in the reverse sequence.

Final Thought

It would also be simple if the problem were a vehicle key battery. After you’ve finished replacing your Toyota key fob, test it by trying to open the vehicle and restarting the engine. If the problem persists, you may need to re-adjust the batteries to verify that the connections are clean.

If you lose the entire key fob, you will need to replace it, and your Toyota dealer may be able to replace the fob as a complete.


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