How to Reset Anti Theft System In Ford? Two Easy Methods For You

How to Reset Anti Theft System Ford

Can you imagine being unable to start your automobile because you are taking too long? Worst is, your car’s anti-theft system is completely broken! How to reset anti theft system in ford? One of the most excellent characteristics of a new Ford is just the Ford Anti-Theft System. Anti-theft systems are well-known for their unpleasant side effects.

Are you familiar with how to reset Anti Theft System in Ford? If this is the case, see how to deactivate the anti-theft system for trouble-free driving experience. To begin, what is an anti-theft system and how will it function?

What Is An Anti Theft System In A Car?

Anti-theft gadgets are meant to prevent theft of your vehicle. The anti-theft system is a device installed in your car intended to avoid auto theft, and it safeguards your vehicle from theft.

The Ford is outfitted with an active anti-theft system (PATS), including an alert and engine immobilization. Once the sensor recognizes that someone is attempting to start the automobile using a false key or another unusual technique, it prevents the engine from starting by cutting off the power supply to the engine.

Ford is one of the most well-known and successful automobile manufacturers globally. They’re packed with technology designed to make the process easier. Many Fords include a primary but efficient anti-theft device, and its purpose is to protect your car from being stolen by stopping the motor from igniting.

This system will occasionally break up without warning. Many Ford owners claim that their anti-theft lights are off and they cannot start their vehicles.

We’ll go through how to reset Anti Theft System Ford in this post. It’s not difficult, and with this tutorial, you will do it yourself. It should require only about 15 minutes and help prevent your car from being stolen while you are gone.

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How to Reset Anti Theft System In Ford?

The Ford Anti-Theft System will activate whenever anyone wants to start the car with a fake key or any other criminal approach. The system recognizes the phony key and disables the engine’s power supply, preventing the car from starting.

If your Ford is stolen, you’ll need to learn how to reset Anti Theft System Ford so you can drive it again. However, take note that this will refresh the onboard computer. You’ll have to follow a separate set of instructions if you need to code new keys.

There are several options on how to reset Anti Theft System Ford.

The Most Successful Options to Reset Anti Theft System In Ford?


To begin, enter the key into the driver’s side vehicle door. To open the door, flick the switch once but not wholly. If you have keyless tech, use it this time instead of the traditional key. For 40-60 seconds, keep the key inside this position.

This tells the computer that you hold the correct key. Repeat with the key turned in the other direction. Now take the key out of the lock and place it in the starter. Turn on the engine. The system has to be reset.


Look for a blue or red light on the car’s dash that indicates an anti-theft device. Place your ignition key and twist it to the point where the electrical system is turned on. Allow for 10-15 minutes with the key in place. Look again for the anti-theft light once again.

If the screen behind the steering wheel displays a blinking or lighted anti-theft light, proceed to the following step. Leave the key under this posture for 2-3 minutes if an anti-theft light has gone out. If the light does not blink, return the key to the Off position and wait a few minutes.

The engine must be able to restart. Since your Ford anti-theft system has been successfully reset, the car’s engine should start. The trick is almost certainly going to work! If this method does not work correctly, repeat the procedure.

You may quickly reset your Ford’s anti-theft system using the above procedures. Please take a minute to check the locks from all your door and make sure they weren’t destroyed during a theft attempt, regardless of the technique you used to reset your Ford Anti-Theft System.

Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a condition where none of these has shown, or you’ll be in a situation where speed and caring are crucial. If none of these solutions work, you may need the keys reprogrammed, which may be done at a Ford service location.


Can anti-theft technology prevent automobiles from starting?

Anti-theft systems are designed to protect your car from being stolen; they effectively detach to turn off its electricity.

What does the anti-theft light imply when it blinks?

The anti-theft light should flash and frequently blink to indicate that the system is active. The intruder is sometimes scared by the blinking light. However, car owners should care to lock the doors for the alert to work.

What are the signs that my automobile is in anti-theft mode?

Whenever the engines need not start or crank, it is among the most prevalent signs that you have anti-theft concerns. Another indicator is the anti-theft light blinking or the security engaged when starting the car. The system has failed to recognize your key and critical signal.

Why is the security light on my car blinking?

When your vehicle’s security light blinks, it shows the anti-theft system is activated. The automobile, of course, will not start due to the immobilizer’s protection.

What are the advantages of using a wired alarm system?

The wire is the safest means to convey the signal. However, installation expenses are undoubtedly necessary. Parts for wired alarm systems, on the other hand, are pretty reasonably priced.

What does a silent alarm involve?

Thefts are the most common usage for silent alarms. It aims to safeguard the victims since attackers are frequently unpredictable and should not know how a notice has been activated. And one does not want to rush or perhaps scare the criminals, which gives the cops more time to investigate.

Final Notes

Anti-theft technology is both a blessing and a burden. When it engages incorrectly, it could become a rescuer in the event of theft and a disturbance. In the latter instance, you’ll need to know how to reset Anti Theft System Ford. Whatever happens, you’ll be able to pull away without wasting any time with it in place.

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