How to Get a Towed Car Back Without Paying? Proven Ways!!

how to get a towed car back without paying

It is terrible to find out that the car has been towed by someone, isn’t it? But if you prove it is not your fault, can you get the vehicle without paying? Yes, there are some options to get released from the fee. Let’s discuss how to get a towed car back without paying.

Why was My Car Towed?

There may be several matters to your car getting towed. Let’s see what they are one by one.

  • If you parked the car illegally despite a sign of ‘no parking’ or such on public or private property, your car would be towed without an announcement.
  • You are not allowed to block a road, lane of traffic, sidewalk and public right-of-way, or any important sign on the road. If not, your car will be removed.
  • If the vehicle has been used for a crime or the driver is a suspect in a crime, the vehicle might be towed wherever it is parked.
  • Government agencies issue tickets for parking, and if you have missed paying for five or more tickets continuously, there is a risk of the car being towed.
  • If the driver has committed a license violation, the vehicle can be towed at any time by the police.
  • There may be abandoned vehicles on the public street. If an officer notes such a vehicle, the owner is informed to remove it within 72 hours. The vehicle will be towed if the owner does not take any action.

Can you Not Pay After your Car is Towed? 

Your car might get towed due to various problems you are deliberately involved in or not. Unfortunately, you will strictly be ordered to pay a fee or fine for your towed car, and you cannot get the car until you pay.

That is the common procedure in most countries and states. So, you should not be careless in checking whether the place is okay to park or not because not knowing the law is not an excuse. However, if you prove that you are not wrong in a particular case or it is illegal towing, there is a chance not to pay for the towed car or reduce the fee.

How to Get a Towed Car Back Without Paying? 

First, you have to find out who towed your car and why. So, call the local parking authority and ask about the car confirming your identity of ownership. If they do not have a detail regarding your vehicle, call the police station in your area and ask. If you cannot find any detail about your car, you can make a complaint that your car has been towed illegally by someone.

Immediately after, observe the place where your car was towed to recognize any legal signs. If there is no such thing, take some photos to prove your point, then you will be able to get the vehicle without paying. Or else, you have to do research on the law on parking to figure out whether you are wrong or not.

In case there is no law that not to park in that particular place, you have a right to request to be not charged. And if you can prove that you parked there because of an emergency, you will not be charged most of the time.

The next step is to preciously file a complaint showing your proof. It is better to be as quick as possible because overdue complaints will not be considered. Here you should follow the particular procedure of your city. If the complaint is valid, the court might waive the fine or fee. If you want some legal service in this regard, you can get the service from a free legal service easily.

In case you were unable to get cut down the full payment, you can request the tow company to offer an opportunity. Then probably, they will do a favor, such as suggesting a payment plan of installment. As another option, you can request a small grant from charities, local nonprofits, etc., but you will have to prove your inability of paying to the organization.

How Long Before a Tow Company Can Sell your Car? 

Usually, the maximum time that a tow company keeps your car is 28 days. Within that period, you have to get it released by paying the fee or making a complaint with evidence according to the above-mentioned procedure. But the above time period varies for commercial motor vehicles; they are held only for ten business days.

However, these time limits may differ according to the tow contract of the company. And if you have agreed to get the car released even after 28 days, you will have to pay some additional money from the 29th day. Sometimes, if you discuss with the towing company, they will offer you some payment options.

Accordingly, the towing company keeps your car for up to 30 days. However, after exceeding the time, the company has the authority to sell the car or any part of it without any permission from you. Thus, every second is as worthwhile as money; do not be late!

My Car Got Towed; Who Do I Call? 

You may panic when you suddenly find out your car has been towed. But do not worry; call these parties to know exactly where your vehicle is.

First and foremost, call the local parking authority if you did not park the vehicle on private property. Then you will be asked for some information such as license plate number and vehicle’s model to confirm your identity. So, gather all the information before you call. Then they will go through the database and reply to you if they have enough details about your car. 

If you parked the car in a private business or apartment complex, your vehicle might be towed by their towing company. Therefore, you should contact the management or the security of the property. 

If you cannot find out any details from both parties, contact the police of your city. But make sure to call a non-emergency police number; most people make the mistake of calling 911 (the emergency service number of the USA, Canada, etc.).

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