MK6 GTI Review – Does It Stand The Test Of Time?

MK6 GTI review

The VW Golf was the first vehicle to widely popularize the concept that a hatch was the ideal compromise between a fun automobile and a functional vehicle, all at a decent cost. The Golf has evolved through time, getting better and much more functionality while also being pricey. In the 1970s, the VW Golf GTI pioneered the hot hatch craze. Since then, it has evolved from a surprise hit to a fantastic all-around fast household banger. The Golf GTI Mk6 was essentially a complete redesign of the preceding model, which was already a great performance hatchback. As a result, Vw had a solid foundation from which to build this vehicle. So let us get into this hot VW MK6 GTI review.

An Overview of the VW GTI

Ever since the revolutionary Mark 1 model debuted in 1976, Vw’s Golf GTI has served as a distinctive contribution to the hatchback category, despite the bloodline having its share of bumps along the road. The Mark 3 GTI stood in sharp contrast to previous models when it first appeared in 1992. Enclosed in the bigger, bulkier hatch’s chassis, the 2.0-litre 8v engine seemed strained, and the performance was equally impacted. With the Mark 4, matters weren’t much better; even a rather thrilling 180 horsepower 20 v turbocharged run-out couldn’t undo the bad publicity. The Golf GTI was excellent, yet it could not rekindle the excitement that had made the earlier two iterations so well-known.

The Mark 5 Golf GTI deserves credit for making things right. The Mark 4 was criticized by previous VW Chairman Bernd Pischetsrieder as “a great example of advertising doing it incorrectly,” therefore, the model’s next vehicle required usher in a transformation. Sure, it expanded in size and weight once again. However, the boosted 2.0-litre engine it was equipped with was speedy right out of the gate, and the frame returned to providing what we all liked about the predecessor. It combined speed and fun with relaxation, composure, and safety. 

How Good was the Engine in the MK6 GTI?

It was equipped with an extra potent 2.0-litre TFSI powertrain and prioritized quick performance above softness. Even though it offers the majority of the pleasures that its more potent competitors could, it is completely easy to employ as a grandmother’s primary mode of transportation.

Even though the Mk6 GTI’s 2.0-litre boosted powertrain is unfamiliar, it has the same peak pulling power as the GTI’s previous release despite producing 210 horsepower. The car appears a bit faster at low rpm than the mk5 version, although it engages at 100 rpm less than previously 1,700 rpm as opposed to 1,800 rpm. Up to 5,200 rpm, this significant torque keeps the GTI agile while moving and alert when rivalling.

It features a conventional six-speed stick shift that feels smooth and accurate in the manner of a Vw. A solution is a six-speed DSG quick-shifting transmission that can also be operated as an automatic, which allows you to physically switch gears using a paddle positioned on the steering column.

How Does the Interior Feel in the MK6 GTI?

One of the pleasant recollections of having a GTI is the tartan seat material found on basic models, which dates back to the GTI’s first iterations. Additionally, it has a flat-bottomed steering column and a sharper gearshift to set it apart from the conventional Golf. However, it no longer has the recognizable “golf ball” shift knob found on earlier and subsequent GTI models.

Red threading and distinctive clocks can be seen everywhere, enhancing the aggressive accent. The Mk6 GTI had many of the same advantages as the regular Golf, including a large cabin, superb handling and sound cancellation, and climate control. Such as regular Golf, the inside features a first-rate polish and top-notch components, and it feels opulent and elegant.

How Convenience is the MK6 GTI?

The Mk6 GTI’s trunk is identical to the normal Golf’s. With a rated capacity of 350 litres and a total volume of more than 1,300 litres when the back seats are folded, it is also equivalent to the hatchback’s last iteration. Although it’s not as big as other compact cars, such as the Ford Fiesta, Hyundai i20 N, Honda Civic Type or Mercedes-AMG A 45 S, the tailgate has a wider opening than the previous generation, making it easier to reach.

The glove box and other storage spaces in the front are commodiously spacious, and the side compartments incorporate moulded bottle mounts.

How Relaxing is the MK6 GTI?

The hard travel of high-performing models of domestic automobiles frequently causes passengers to struggle over rough terrain. The Volkswagen GTI has a much softer feel than one would anticipate from a fast hatch. Although the damper is less comfortable than the normal Golf, there appears to be little ride quality loss. Gadgets are also used to enhance acceleration out of faster bends.

More advanced than traction control, the XDS technology enables better launch with reduced wheelspin. With dynamic steering that is not too loose nor too harsh and maintains composure while turning, it is a fun vehicle to operate on difficult terrain.

The Mk6 GTI tends to make riding aggressively appear much less theatrical than it possibly could, should there be any complaint to be made.

The motorist can adjust the vehicle’s behaviour to the circumstances of the route using an extra “adaptive chassis control” technology. There are extra “leisure” and “performance” settings in contrast to the “regular” option, which is comparable to that of a conventional GTI. The handling also seems crisper when the “sport” option is used.

How Safe is the MK6 GTI?

The VW GTI has frontal, side, rear, and knee airbags in addition to a driver’s side knee airbag. The back side of the car airbags is an extra that may be selected. Additionally, common is electronic stability control. Similar to its ancestor, it received a score of five stars from Euro NCAP for adult passenger protection and four stars for kid passenger protection.

The updated general grade was first launched in 2009 and included a rear collision concussion test, kid and passenger safety, and grownup passenger protection.


The VW MK6 Golf GTI is a wonderful choice if you have a limited budget but desire to possess top-of-the-line, sporty hot hatches. This is also one vehicle that doesn’t lose value quickly, allowing you to resell it after you’re finished with it while not suffering a significant financial loss. Our experiences have shown that providing the automobile with thorough detailing and repairing a few damaged parts may restore it to excellent condition and make it enjoyable to own.

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