What Is Hyundai Tucson Air Conditioning Problem And How To Fix It?

hyundai tucson air conditioning problem

In this article, you will learn about the Hyundai Tucson air conditioning problem, the reason, and the solution. Hyundai Company introduced the first Hyundai Tucson SUV in 2005, and many models came annually with more advancements. The Hyundai manufacturers in South Korea came up with the crossover compact SUV concept in 2004, which has a seating arrangement for five people. Today, it is widely known as the Hyundai Tucson.

Like any other vehicle, you will also encounter issues in Hyundai Tucson after long usage or improper maintenance. You will encounter several issues related to vehicles, and one such problem is the malfunctioning of the AC system.

Sometimes you will feel that your Hyundai Tucson will be blowing hot air, and in some other cases, your air conditioning will not work at all. Are you wondering why you are encountering Hyundai Tucson air conditioning problems? Then this article will help you to figure out the causes.

You are planning for a drive in your Hyundai Tucson on a hot summer day, and when the air conditioner fails to work properly, you will not feel comfortable driving. Although this might be the first time you encounter a problem in the AC system of your vehicle, this is not something new to Tucsons..

Almost all the driver will have an experience with a faulty AC system. By reading the article, you will gain some knowledge about your Hyundai Tucson air conditioning problem.

What Is Hyundai Tucson Air Conditioning Problem?

Imagine that your friend also has a Hyundai Tucson similar to yours. You remember talking about the air conditioner malfunctioning in his vehicle. Still, although you both have the same vehicle model, the cause for the air conditioner problem may be different, so you must check on what is wrong with your vehicle rather than asking for solutions from people having the same model. Here are some possible causes of the Hyundai Tucson air conditioning problem.

Faulty Cabin Air Filter

You might know that the cabin air filter or pollen filter is one of the main components that will filter the air that come into the vehicle. And the filtering process will help to protect the vehicle’s interior. When the cabin filter in your Hyundai Tucson gets dirty, it will not function properly.

Therefore, the airflow will not work adequately as the air will not filter correctly. This issue will affect the air conditioning system, and as a result, you may experience hot air coming from your AC system, and the fuel consumption will also be high.

The Condenser

The condenser in the AC system will help the air to cool by releasing the hot air from the refrigerant. This hot air will enter the environment while maintaining a lower temperature inside the vehicle.

But when the condenser is clogged or contains debris in its mesh, that will block the air that the condenser must release, so the condenser will not be able to release the air completely. Therefore, as the hot air returns to the system, the AC will not work properly. Sometimes the condenser in your Tucson will leak, which will also cause the Hyundai Tucson air conditioning problem.

Refrigerant Leakage

You know that all the AC systems will require refrigerant that will help to cool the air by absorbing heat. You must check whether there is refrigerant leakage from your vehicle AC system; as this will cause the air conditioner to malfunction.

If you feel that the refrigerant consumption is high, there is a possibility for a leak. A lack of refrigerant will reduce the cooling capacity of the vehicle, so you must refill when necessary.

Air Filter

The filtered air from the air filter will flow to the evaporator. However, if the air filter doesn’t properly filter, the air will contain debris that will collect on the evaporator. Hence the evaporator will not function properly, resulting in a Hyundai Tucson air conditioning problem.

Sometimes even when the air filter performs well, there are possibilities for the dirt to escape without getting filtered. And that will stick to the evaporator.

The Compressor

The compressor is an essential component of your air conditioning system. If there is any damage or failure in the compressor, the air conditioner will not work properly. When you’re in the air condition for a very long time or due to improper maintenance, you might experience a faulty compressor. 

Blow Motor

A faulty blow motor will produce noise during operation and cause Hyundai Tucson air conditioning problems.

Blend Door Actuator

If the blend door actuator present in your Hyundai Tucson does not work properly, then there are possibilities for the AC system to malfunction. If the problem is with the blend door actuator, you will hear a clicking sound under the dashboard of your Tucson.

Those mentioned above will be some of the major causes of the Hyundai Tucson air conditioning problem.

How to Fix Hyundai Tucson Air Conditioning Problem?

After detecting the cause, you can go for the solution to fix the issue in your air conditioning system. Here are some solutions that will help you solve the issue mentioned in the article.

  • Inspect the cabin filter, if you find it dirty, clean it well and check on the performance. If the cabin filter is not performing well, you might have to replace a new one. Regular or routine maintenance of the cabin filter and getting rid of any debris will increase the durability.
  • If the condenser is clogged, you must remove the front bumper and clean the condenser. It would be best if you also fixed the leaks in the condenser. If there is a huge leak, you must replace the condenser.  
  • Close any refrigerant leaks. You may also use the leak detection spray to find any larger leaks, but you must be attentive and patient when finding the small leaks.
  • Next, you will have to clean the evaporator, which is a complex procedure requiring a mechanic’s help. If you detect any refrigerant leak in your evaporator, it is better to replace the evaporator so that your air conditioner will function well.
  • The faulty compressor is the worst-case scenario as it is often impossible to repair, and you will have to replace it.
  • A blown motor failure will require replacing a new one.
  • By changing the temperature of your AC system, you can temporarily stop the noise due to a faulty blend door actuator. You may also contact a professional to fix any major issues in the blend door actuator.

These are some of the solutions to the Hyundai Tucson air conditioning problem.

We hope this article on the Hyundai Tucson air conditioning problem was helpful.

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