Ac Clutch Engages Intermittently – [SOLVED]

ac clutch engages intermittently

A common sign that the cooling unit in your car needs repair is an air conditioning compressor clutch that continuously connects and disconnects. This is a terrible problem, and specialists advise getting the Cooling system evaluated because a unit in this state might do more harm. So, what does ac clutch engage intermittently mean, and why ac clutch engages intermittently? Let’s find out. 

What Is an AC Compressor Clutch?

An AC compressor clutch functions by harvesting energy from your car’s drive shaft. It is operated and controlled by a clutching device that employs an electrical converter to engage and disengage with a rotating shaft.

The clutch and the turbine are crucial components of your car’s air conditioning unit. These equipment and other car elements must be treated properly to guarantee they are in excellent operating order.

Considering how frequently the coolant spins out via the system, monitoring such components might be useful. Additionally, an Air conditioning system incorporates technology to detect the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant and to trigger and stop the turbine by activating and detaching the compressor clutch. 

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What Is AC Clutch Used For?

The air conditioner compressor clutch, a component of the vehicle’s air-conditioning system, is used to connect and disconnect the compressor shaft from the compressor drive. Generally, an electromechanical trigger is used to control it.

The clutch is lowered after the AC is turned on. This causes the turbine device’s stator plate and compression pulley to come into contact, allowing the turbine drive to evolve alongside the vehicle’s engine.

A resistance plate and an electrical circuit make up the clutch. When the clutch is activated, current flows via the coil, producing magnetic forces. The pump rotor receives power from this strain pulling the circuit in the direction of the clutch plate, which keeps the pump operating.

The ac clutch is de-energized once the air conditioner is turned off. As a result, the turbine device’s stator plate and blower belt disengage.

It is important to note that the clutch and turbine are crucial components of your car’s air conditioning unit. As a result, maintaining both properly is essential if you desire your device to work properly on all occasions.

The breaker, the cabling, the circuit, the earth, the pressurized valve cut off, and even the cooling unit pressure control may be at fault if, indeed, the ac clutch didn’t respond.

What Is the Mechanism of the Vehicle AC Clutch System?

The AC blower is powered continually by a belt drive that runs from the vehicle crankshaft pulley. The serpentine belt covers the crankshaft pulley. ( The power steering pump, cooling system, as well as other components are all driven by the serpentine belt.

A magnetic lock on the climate control fan connects or disconnects the blower shaft. When electricity is applied to the circuit of the AC clutch, a magnetic field emerges. The magnetism it produces will draw the A/C clutch gear sheet inside and cause it to mesh with the shaft. This secures the drive plate as well as the shaft in place. The driving plate drives the blower.

There are openings in the pump shaft. To finalize the clutch interaction, these holes let magnetic fields from the circuit flow across and align the resistance plate.

These essential components make up the AC compressor’s driving plate:se

Friction sheet, hub and springs 

The hub must be linked to the blower. Therefore, whenever the traction panel and pulley make contact, the hub transfers the pulley’s movement to the pump.

Next, shocks that might be made of steel or silicone link the hub to the pressure plate. Finally, the traction panel fits snugly against the contact point of the shaft.

When the motor is started, the axle spins, which also causes the blower belt to revolve. When the magnetic clutch pad interacts with the shaft, will the AC blower turn on?

As it pushes the coolant liquid, often freon, the AC turbine is in charge of air conditioning.

The air is cooled when freon is passed over the cooling coil of an air conditioner because it takes the air’s heat. The liquid cannot be compressed if the AC pump is not operating. Your vehicle’s air conditioner will thus blast warm air.

Factors That Influence AC Clutch Engages Intermittently

 As we’ve said, an AC blower clutch that connects and disconnects frequently is a sign that the car’s software is having issues. The valves misinterpret the levels of the coolant due to the lower tension. 

One of the major issues with climate control is brief cycling, which often happens when the blower clutch repeatedly turns off and on. Brief cycling problems can result from a variety of factors, including a blocked or malfunctioning thermostat, cold springs, leaky coolant, and overly big Ventilation system issues.

A damaged breaker is a crucial variable that could prevent an ac unit turbine clutch from connecting. Other contributing reasons are the clutch coil’s cables, malfunctioning clutch circuit, reduced cutoff, and inadequate earth. Furthermore, certain cars repeatedly engage and disengage as a result of malfunctioning low-pressure valves and evaporator thermostats.

How to Resolve AC Clutch Failure?

The specific reason for the issue will determine the remedy.

Initially, top out your radiator with extra water. Note that the air conditioning unit has many temperature valves that switch on and off in response to the amount of coolant present. The clutch will disengage if the coolant level is too high or too low.

To assist you in replenishing your coolant, get a replacement part. However, a Homemade kit might not be capable of recharging it if the level is insufficient and the AC clutch cannot be engaged. Avoid forcing the device to power. Use Freon fluid or an octane enhancer if the radiator is too low.

If all the parts are working, see if the blower clutch has to be replaced if it is aged up. Have the mechanism in your automobile tested as quickly as you discover any leaks. It aids in preventing moisture and air intrusion.

Remember that acidity and muck are produced when humidity and cold interact. This situation might harm the AC unit.

If you’ve performed inspections again only for them to fail and you are unable to physically activate the AC blower clutch, you may need to jump-start the vehicle. Attach the clutches cable straight to the battery to do this. The clutch must operate, and the AC ought to blast cold air. In this situation, a malfunctioning control valve or circuit may be to blame for the issue.


The diagnosis of issues with your AC’s blower clutch is simple. The data supplied can be used to identify the problems and repair a blower clutch that frequently connects and disconnects. You can attempt to do it alone, but send your vehicle to a local or reputable repair if it doesn’t work.

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