How Much Does It Cost to Tow a Semi-truck? [Factors & Rates]

how much does it cost to tow a semi-truck

A towing truck frequently removes abandoned autos, damaged automobiles, and poorly parked vehicles. What should you perform if your semi-truck malfunctions or sustains damage in an accident while you leave? It wouldn’t be a good idea to abandon it in the center of the roadway since it may result in an accident for somebody else. Drive the vehicle to a secure location by the highway or a repair shop. You could get your damaged automobile anyplace by using a tow truck. So, how much does it cost to tow a semi-truck? This guide will cover the elements that affect the cost of pulling a semi-truck.

Quick Summary: There are two factors to be considered while pulling a semi-truck. The hookup and the price per mile are the two costs. The hookup cost could be $300, and the navigation fee could be between $3 and $8 every mile. This pricing is for lightly damaged semi-trucks. The cost of hauling will increase if the car becomes bogged down or is engaged in an accident. Depending on where you live, different towing fees may apply for semi-trucks.

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Most automobile owners would discover that at least one towing is necessary for survival since vehicle tows are standard in the U.s. If you’re not a member of a roadside assistance program or get assistance from your insurance provider, towing costs might be prohibitive. Additionally, it could be challenging to afford a tow without an emergency reserve, even if you don’t require one. So let’s look at how much does it cost to tow a semi-truck.

How Much Does It Cost to Tow a Semi-truck? – All You Need to Know

While there isn’t a set fee you must pay to pull a semi-truck, you may acquire a ballpark figure by considering the necessary conditions and their associated costs. You may calculate an average cost to have your semi-truck hauled in this manner. The price might get divided into the following aspects:

The Hookup Fee

Towing businesses frequently demand a hookup price, which they view as the baseline expenditure. The hookup charge varies across companies, but you may anticipate paying between $200 and $500. It’s an unavoidable expense, and some hauling firms even charge more often if your semi-truck weighs more than expected.

Payment Per Mile

The towing business will bill you for each mile your truck gets towed after being hooked up to a rig. You must anticipate paying between $20 and $40 per mile, based on the firm you pick. But, it is well known that certain businesses raise the price per mile once they have travelled a certain amount. In most circumstances, beyond the initial 20 miles, you can be invoiced extra per mile. Remember that this regulation may not be in force at all towing businesses.

Additional Work on Site

Because the towing business would only reimburse you for the hookup cost and the distance the truck gets towed, you must be okay if your vehicle stops working on the side of the roadway. But, the price would skyrocket if the car had broken down in a gully or farther from the major highway since more workers would be needed to repair it. The same must apply if the truck were to get into an accident since cleanup workers will be required.

The Location

The price of pulling a semi-truck varies based on where you are because each state has its towing laws. This fluctuation makes it challenging to determine a precise cost that you may pay for having your semi-truck hauled.

Additional Charges

You will also get accounted for extra expenditures associated in addition to the hookup fees, such as:

• A daily outside holding fee of $20 to $25 gets often imposed for automobiles that are recovered six hrs after being towed.

• If you retrieve your semi-truck more than six hrs after it gets hauled, you will get billed a daily interior storage cost of $30 to $35.

What are the Types of Tow Trucks?

Even though it may seem strange, the tow vehicle you use will considerably influence the cost of pulling your semi-truck. Tow trucks come in many different varieties, some of which are pricey and others that are not. However, the price gets entirely determined by your needs.

Medium Duty Tow Truck

The most common type of towing truck used to tow semi-trucks gets thought to be a medium-duty one. They work with the majority of lorries exceeding 20 tons in weight. When using this type of towing truck, the fee is $980 for every tow.

Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

If a heavy-duty towing truck gets used to haul your vehicle, the dealer will charge you more—roughly $3700 for each tow. Essentially, they get designed to pull trucks weighing more than 50 tons.


Rotator is the third category. However, this towing truck gets reserved for costlier tow trucks that need specialist equipment and more staff, or in other words, larger vehicles. This kind of tow doesn’t get typically utilized to tow semi-trucks. However, it’d be costly if you wanted to pull with it. You may get charged between $4600 and $11800 by rotators.

Weight & Size

A bigger, bulkier semi-truck will cost you more to rent than a shorter one because the larger one requires more workforce and machinery to move

Bottom Line

The fact that a broken-down semi-truck will cause your journey to get delayed is aggravating. The towing business you pick and where you get located can all affect the final cost of the job. The provider will also cost you for storing, which may be done inside or outside, in addition to hauling. Whether you require the truck and trailer to get pulled together would also affect the final price.

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