Audi Q3 Premium vs Premium Plus? Comparison Guide

Audi Q3 Premium vs Premium Plus

Audi is the dream car of most car enthusiasts, as this is a high-end car brand in the automobile industry. Audi has been manufacturing different car models with designs for the past years. ( In 2022, Audi introduced two models, the Audi q3 premium and premium plus, triggering most car enthusiasts to compare the models. A person planning to purchase the latest Audi model might be torn between the decision as to which model they should invest in, which is why it is important to know the difference between Audi q3 premium vs. premium. If you are still trying to figure out where to find a satisfying enough answer to your question, this article is just for you! In this article, you will find out everything about Audi q3 premium vs. premium plus. Read the entire article to get insightful detail about the two latest Audi models.

Audi q3 premium is the base foundation that helped to build the q3 premium plus. Both these models share impressive features, which include a turbocharged 4- cylinder engine, 228 horsepower, and 250lb-ft or torque. Apart from these features, a few differences make the two models stand out, which is why most car owners are comparing the Audi q3 and the premium.

What are the Specification and Features of Audi Q3 Premium?

The Audi q3 premium is built in a bold and luxurious design with a spacious interior, with enough leg room and cargo space. The vehicle can hold between 5 to 6 passengers, including the driver. Audi q3 premium runs on petroleum with a 2L turbocharged 4 Cylinder engine. It also has a smartphone interface that enables Android Auto and Apple Car Play. The Audi q3 premium has an 8.8-inch touchscreen screen display with MMI standards. The car has rear cameras that can be monitored through a display to park your car safely without any inconvenience.

What are the Specification and Features of Audi Premium Plus?

The Audi q3 premium plus, which was built was built with the foundation of the q3 premium, is a luxurious vehicle built with an SUV body. Unleaded gasoline fuel is used to power the Audi q3 premium plus, which also has similar features to a 2L turbocharged four-cylinder engine seen in the Audi q3 premium. The vehicle’s interior is designed to be spacious with an ambient LED light package. The car can hold up to 5 passengers, excluding the driver, and has enough legroom and huge cargo space.

You can also see a more extensive 10.1 inches touchscreen display Navigation plus with MMI standards. The Audi q3 premium plus can also assist you with the traffic signs while driving, making it convenient with Alexa. A dual camera is installed in the vehicle to make parking more convenient and more accessible to avoid any accidents.

What are the Differences Between the Audi q3 and Audi Premium Plus?

As previously stated, the Audi q3 premium is the base vehicle to build the Audi q3 premium plus. The main difference between the two Audi models is that the q3 premium plus is a more upgraded model with premium features than seen in the Audi q3 premium.

Both the latest models in Audi share a lot of common features. Apart from those, a few differences in the specification and features make them stand out. The Audi q3 premium plus has a larger MMI standard touch screen with a 10.1-inch display, while the q3 premium only has an 8.8-inch display. Another feature of the premium plus is traffic assistance with Alexa integration. The Audi q3 premium plus uses a 3D premium sound system which cannot be seen in the q3 premium.

Audi q3 Premium vs  Premium Plus

Both the last models in Audi, introduced in 2022, is luxury SUV with bold designs. They have a spacious interior, which can include five passengers excluding the driver, and a LED Lighting package with enough leg room. Both these vehicles use unleaded gasoline for fuel with a 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The vehicles have 228 horsepower and 250lb-ft of torque.

The vehicle is built with comfortable features, including leather seats and an automatic climate-controlling system. Apart from these, other features and specifications are discussed, comparing Audi q3 premium vs. premium plus. Below are some of them briefly explained.

  1. Engine

As stated multiple times, all Audi Q3 model SUVs use turbocharged 4-cylinder with 184 to 228 horsepower. The Q3 premium and premium plus run gasoline with a 2L capacity cylinder.

  1. Cost

When comparing the prices between the q3 premium and q3 premium plus, it is evident that the Audi q3 premium plus is more costly than the premium model because of the upgraded features. The Audi q3 premium will cost around $36,700, while the Audi q3 premium plus will cost nearly $40,000.

  1. Technology

The computer system and technology used in the Audi Q3 premium plus are more upgraded than the Q3 premium. However, a few similarities can be seen, like the automatic windshield wipers, headlights because of the rain sensors, MMI standard Navigation plus touch screen display, and automatic climate controlling system. Besides these features, you will see Alexa integration, traffic assistance, and a 3D premium sound system only, Audi Q3 premium plus.

  1. Safety

There is little difference when considering the safety of the Audi Q3 premium and Q3 premium plus. Both the models include front and side six airbags, ABS brakes which helps to sense when there is an issue in the tires automatically, and cameras installed to park the vehicle safely, minimizing accidents.

  1. Interior

The interior of both vehicles is almost similar, with room for five passengers, a spacious leg room including LED light package, and comfortable leather seats.


Q3 premium and Q3 premium plus are two of the latest models introduced by Audi in 2022. Similar features can be seen on both these models, confusing most car enthusiasts. Thus, you will see most comparing the differences between Audi q3 premium vs. premium plus.

This article revolves around Audi q3 premium vs. premium plus by exploring different topics like the features and specifications seen in both these models and comparing the differences to make the article insightful.

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