What Does Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost? [Labor & Parts]

What Does Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost

Your car’s wheel arrangement is crucially dependent on the wheel bearings. Bearings, in essence, remove friction from the tire and tire hub to enable smooth turning. What does wheel bearing replacement cost? The price of replacing a wheel bearing might vary greatly.

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What Does Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost?

Bearings on the back wheel.

–         Parts cost $190 to $310 each.

–         $225 to $350 would be spent on labor.

Bearings on the front wheel.

–         Between $350 and $450 for labor.

–         $150 to $300 is what parts price.

Bearings for the front and back wheels.

–         Together, $800 and $1,000.

Center Bearing.

–         Once per side, labor included, budget $400 to $500.

How Do Wheel Bearings Work?

The smooth rotation of a wheel is made possible by a wheel bearing. Although roller but rather spherical bearings are also available, tapered sliding joints are typically used in automobiles. Between any of the metal plate rings, a differentiation is made based on how the item is shaped.

The tire bearing needs to be strong enough to withstand all pressures that a vehicle’s wheel is subject to when it accelerates, brakes, and turns since those pressures originate from a variety of sources. Every car’s hub component houses the wheel bearing. To shield the bearings from moisture and other objects, a wheel seal is installed.

This is crucial since a bunch of oil is present in the wheel bearings to maintain its smooth operation. If any dirt or water gets inside, it will reduce the grease’s ability to do its job, harming the bearings.

Why are New Wheel Bearings Needed?

In a sterile test facility, wheel bearings may spin endlessly with a typical load for virtually ever. In a testing laboratory, you aren’t on actual roadways. Your environment is filled with water, salt water, and potholes that frequently smash your car’s wheels. The tire bearings might be strained beyond what it was designed to handle if you hit a pothole and puddle at an odd angle.

According to a general thumb rule employed by some technicians, if you hit anything strong enough even to crack a rim, then you have indeed damaged the indicated ability and, therefore, will shortly need to rebuild it. Finding this out frequently requires some time.

The contact squishes or dings the interior components, and they worsen by rotating for some time, pressing those flaws into flat places.

What Signs May there be of a Bad Bearing?

There are a few typical symptoms you may watch out for to identify the state of any bearings.

  1. Disparate Tire Degradation

Wheel bearings have the propensity to degrade more slowly than others whenever they begin to wear out. The wheels would typically become equally worn out through regular use if you only drove on them. Therefore, a defective wheel bearing is likely to be to blame if they are wearing out irregularly.

  1. A Grinding Sound

A loud crashing sound emanating from the wheels is a classic sign of faulty wheel bearings. This happens whenever the wheel bearings stop being lubricated and begin to overheat instead. It will sound nearly like two different metal components grinding against one another.

  1. The Steering Wheel Sways

Whereas if the issue persists, the steering wheel may begin to vibrate. When driving at lesser speeds, you’ll feel this vibration, but as soon as you press the accelerator pedal as well as accelerate the car, the issue will grow worse.

  1. The Automobile Sides Out

The silky coating these bearings need wears down and gets rusted or pitted, leaving a stiff texture that produces friction in the tires. Your car can move just a little bit to one side away from the worn bearing as a result of this movement.

What does Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost?

A basic breakdown of the price to replace a worn-out wheel bearing may be seen below.

Conventional Cone and Slider Front Wheel Bearings

Two-wheel Drive

The cost to purchase these bearings is lower, and they are easily replaceable. They typically cost between $6 and $20 for each unit and between $8 as well as $100 to repair. Since the bearing track is pushed into, they also typically require changing the rotor.

Most cars will cost roughly $150 to repair, including labor, and may cost more based on the price of the rotor. In several instances, replacing the rotor is less expensive than removing the old bearing race and pressing in a fresh one.

All-wheel Drive

The removal of such components and disassembly of the hub is sometimes a bit more time-consuming, even though the parts themselves are frequently as inexpensive as those in 2WD cars. Aside from the replacement bearings, budget for between one and one-half hours of work per end, which typically costs $80 – $160.

Bearings for the Front Wheels of a Hub

The Entire Unit

Since hub bearing typically costs around $80 and $300, the price of the component represents the majority of the overall cost in this situation. A replacement bearing is screwed on after these bearings are removed from the wheel assembly. Each side will typically cost between $80 and $200 and will require approximately one and two hours of work to repair.

Press the Device

When this happens, the entire driving knuckle needs frequently be ejected from the automobile. Its old bearing was forced out, as well as the replacement bearings were forced in. The price of the bearings typically ranges from $25 to $50, but the work required to replace it often costs around $160 as well as $400 and takes two to four hours.

Wheels Towards the Back

Standard Units

Usually, a whole unit is often employed and unlatched or fastened to the independent rear axle as well as the rear torque convertor.

A Sturdy Rear Drive Axle

The back wheel valves are located within the single axle inside the majority of modern vans, lorries, and earlier RWD vehicles. They are often pressed through into axis tubes or mounted directly to the driving axle.

While the effort to remove the old bearings and push in the fresh ones takes anywhere from one to four hours, the price of the bearings is typically approximately $25 to $50 for either situation.


What does wheel bearing replacement cost? Typically, the cost of components alone ranges from around $100 to $300. All of them are, once more, only estimates.

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