Xpel tint vs 3M – Which Window Film is Best for Your Car?

xpel tint vs 3m

Every car owner loves to keep their car windows shiny as long as possible. But it is hard to protect the window surface from scratches and harsh sun rays. thus, it is vital to use a high-quality window tint. Both Xpel window tint and 3M window tint are popular products in the market. So, it is confusing to choose one that suits the best for automobiles. Thus, today we are going to compare and contrast these two products to give you a clear idea. So, let’s begin the discussion, ‘Xpel tint vs 3M.’

What is Xpel Tint? 

Xpel is a leading brand of window tint films. They introduced their window film 19 years ago. It has a series of window tints as Xpel Prime.

They have become popular due to their effectiveness in filtering heat and radiation. There are three types of Xpel window tints, nano-ceramic window tint, metallic window tint, and dyed window tint.

Nano-ceramic one contains ceramic particles that help to filter out UV radiation. This technology does not disturb any signal transmission, such as radio, Bluetooth, etc.

Metallic window tints can also provide strong UV protection with a neutral appearance. Dyed ones are also empowered with modern technology to deliver good UV protection.

What is 3M Window Tint? 

3M window tint is one of the oldest brands in the industry. It invented window tints 50 years ago. Therefore, the company has earned a good reputation.

The company claims that 3M window tint can improve the comfort of the automobile.

You can add 3M paint protection film to increase the protection or wrap film to customize the style of the window.

What is 3M Window Tint

There are six types of automotive window film series 3M Crystalline Series, Ceramic IR Series, Color Stable Series, Obsidian Series, FX-PM Series, and FX-HP Series.

3M Crystalline window tint is the most popular; it is made of metal-free nano-layers of polyester. There are over 200 layers within one coating.

Xpel Tint vs 3M: Comparison of Features 

Let’s compare these two products. Both have the same capability of rejecting UV rays. Both products assure to reject 99% of UV rays.

Therefore, both of these window films are effective in reducing sun damage. And both products provide clarity, and when removing the tint, there will not be any damage to the glass.

Moreover, these two tints act as shields for the glass, which can prevent damages like scratches.

Now Let’s discuss the differences between Xpel and 3M window tints. 3M Crystalline can only reject 60% of solar energy. But Xpel Prime XR Plus can absorb up to 90% of solar energy.

These two products act differently in this case. 3M reflects the solar energy while Xpel absorbs it. When it comes to sun glare reduction, 3M window tint can offer 77% sun glare reduction, while Xpel can provide 95% of sun glare reduction.

Sun glare reduction helps you to see the road well by blocking the sun’s rays. Sun glare is one of the most common environmental-related causes of accidents.

Accordingly, Xpel window tint stands ahead when comparing these two products.

Performance and Durability of Xpel 

As we discussed above, the UV rejection and sun glare rejection is higher in Xpel window tints, so it performs well as you wish.

If you live in a hot area, you have to use such a window tint. It is legally vital to use a proper window tint that reduces the sun’s glare.

To keep the good condition of Xpel window tint for a long time, you need to get the service from a professional to install the tint in the recommended way.

It has a nationwide lifetime warranty. The company promise to cover defects on the film within the warranty period, including discoloration, fading, bubbling, cracking, etc. It is mandatory to provide the original installation date though.

Performance and Durability of 3M Window Tint 

3M window tint also provides good UV protection and increases privacy. But it offers only 77% of sun glare and rejects 60% of solar energy. But it is possible to customize the window tint with their paint protection films and wrap films as the tint is 100% compatible with your windows.

It is most suitable if you worry about privacy. 3M window tints would come with the certification of durability if you installed them by professional 3M authorized dealer installers.

It is backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the field. But the warranty does not cover fading.

The Installation Process of Xpel Tint 

It is a bit hard to install Xpel tint without professional knowledge; therefore, you need to contact a professional window tint service.

First of all, you need to prepare the windows for the installation. Simply, the glasses should be thoroughly washed and dried before installing the tint.

Next, you have to cut the film according to the sizes of the windows. Then spray water on the glass and apply the film.

After you apply, use a plastic spatula to press the edges. If there are some excess films, you can trim them.

The Installation Process of 3M Window Tint 

3M window tints are not a do-it-yourself product. Because it is not a self-adhesive film, so some specific tools have to be used in order to install the tint. (https://driventheatre.com) Therefore, you need to visit a professional 3M window tint installer.

This is one of the drawbacks of this window tint because you might have to spend some extra money on traveling and labor charges.

Which Tint is Cheaper: Xpel Tint vs 3M? 

Another difference between these two brands is the price. 3M products are cheaper than Xpel tints. As we discussed above, Xpel tint has so many good qualities; thus, you have to pay some extra money for Xpel tint. However, there are various types of window tints by these brands. So, the price of Xpel window tint lies between $75 to $150, while 3M products cost from $80 to $120.

As we discussed earlier, you need to spend some money on traveling and labor costs if you do not know how to install the tint by yourself. Thus, these average costs may vary.

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