Is It Illegal To Drive With Airpods? Location-wise Laws Explained

is it illegal to drive with airpods

Every state’s vehicle rules must change or propose new legislation as technology evolves to keep the roadways safe. If you spend a lot of time on the road, especially in a hands-free phone state, you might wonder if Is It Illegal To Drive With Airpods.

In-ear headsets or headphones are deemed risky in traffic because of their noise-canceling and other qualities that make you a possible threat to other road users. But, while there is some misunderstanding over their legal usage, the main point here is that drivers should constantly be aware of what is going on around them.

Quick Answer: In several states in the United States, wearing Apple Airpods in both ears while driving is unlawful. Drivers must be able to hear traffic and other ambient noise at all times, and there is an ambiguity for driving while using AirPods in only one ear.

Continue reading to find out if they are illegal at whatever stage and, if not, what they should avoid.

Driving With Airpods On– Distraction

There is no evidence to recommend individuals against using wireless gadgets such as Bluetooth headphones. People using headphones in their ears can get preoccupied while suspended in a state of believable aloofness.

When driving, on the other hand, it is critical to be able to hear. A motorist may be honking to avoid a potentially fatal collision, or an emergency vehicle may be moving through traffic. Whatever the circumstances, the reality remains that they may inflict significant injury if someone cannot hear such horns or sirens.

The AirPods Pro includes Apple’s own active noise cancellation technology. An inward-facing microphone and an outward-facing microphone included in the system. The technology uses the outward-facing mic to analyze and identify noise from the outside so that an anti-noise waveform may get generated to neutralize it.

Although there will be times when you need to listen to what’s going on in your immediate surroundings despite wearing your noise-canceling pods, fortunately, It allows you to quickly switch to transparency mode if you want to be aware of what’s going on around you.

In some places, traffic authorities have changed the rule to force you to focus entirely on driving safely. As a result, if you are unaware of the hazards around you, you will get unable to protect yourself and may be hazardous to others.

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Apple’s Recommendation Using AirPods While Driving

According to Apple, It’s not a good idea to use AirPods while driving a car, and it’s even illegal in some places. While driving, be cautious and alert. Turn it off if you find your audio device annoying or distracting while operating any vehicle.

Check and follow any applicable rules or regulations regarding the use of headphones or earbuds while driving.

 RoSPA Recommendation Using AirPods While Driving

The use of any audio device that limits a road user’s capacity to hear traffic noise gets not recommended by RoSPA. The study’s findings were that when drivers’ hearing is impaired, they make less accurate speed judgments.

When it get realized that drivers who are wearing headphones may not only respond slower but may also be predisposed to drive faster, the finding that speed gets underestimated when hearing gets diminished takes on additional relevance.

Law in the UK Using AirPods While Driving

Let’s talk about Is It Illegal To Drive With Airpods in Uk. Driving while using headphones is not against the law in the United Kingdom; however, if authorities feel a motorist is distracted or not completely controlling their car, they may be stopped and fined.

Drivers and passengers in the United Kingdom get advised to avoid distractions like loud music that may disguise other noises. If drivers or riders fail to follow these restrictions, they may end up with a fine of €135 or lose three points on their driver’s license.

However, keep in mind that wearing headphones is illegal in some states and provinces in the United States and Canada.

Law in the US Using AirPods While Driving

The use of headsets, in-ear headphones, or similar ear-covering equipment is illegal in all states mentioned below. It doesn’t matter if the gadget is on working mode on or off for a cop to give you a ticket, and you’re usually only permitted to wear one AirPod in one ear.

  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New York

Note: Drivers in Illinois forbidden from using headset receivers, sometimes known as headphones, while on the road. However, there are notable exceptions, such as the usage of single-sided headsets.

It’s worth noting that even in areas where you cannot wear them, there are frequently exceptions for things like wearing hearing aids, providing protection, and, in certain situations, wearing a device in only one ear rather than both.

People who use AirPods or other headphones while driving may end up with unwanted consequences. The fine for this traffic offense is usually in the $200 level; however, it might vary depending on the circumstances.

Bonus Information

Driving with a radio is permissible, but not with AirPods – There is a significant difference between shielding your ears from outside noise and having music playing in the background. The goal is to react quickly in a potentially hazardous traffic situation.

Using AirPods While Driving – Bottom Line

Drivers who use Apple Airpods may have a more immersive musical experience while on the road. Driving a car while using noise-canceling headphones is, on the other hand, a hazardous pastime.

In most cases, no clear restrictions govern the use of modern technology while driving. Even if there is, there is generally some wiggle room because you may wear one AirPod while leaving the other ear free.

Requesting information from your local vehicle association or government is usually the best option; aside from fines, using AirPods while driving might result in you receiving points on your driving record.

These points can have a negative impact on insurance prices and accrue over time. People who accumulate points on their records risk having their licenses suspended or revoked.


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