Are Anti-Rattle Clips Necessary; Why Should We Use It?

Are Anti-Rattle Clips Necessary

Are Anti-Rattle Clips Necessary? Let’s Find Out. Any type of odd noises your vehicle outputs can draw your attention, and it will not be safe to continue the journey. Suppose you have ever experienced a rattling noise from your vehicle when you press against the brake pads while applying the brake.

In that case, it is normal for you to panic because the brake system is one of the most significant modules of the vehicle, which ensures the safety of the passengers. A rattling noise from your nose is probably because of the absence of anti-rattle clips in your brake system. But how can a small piece make any difference in controlling the sound from the brakes when applied? Or the real question is, ” are ant-rattle clips necessary ” for the brake system?

What are Anti-Rattle Clips?

As previously stated, the anti-rattle clips are of the brake system, which helps to control the vibration and minimize the rattling noise from your brakes when applied. Anti-rattle clips are manufactured using materials like plastic, rubber, resin, or silicon installed around the brake pads. You might see ant-rattle clips installed mostly under the brake pads, effectively reducing the vibration.

How do the Anti-Rattle Clips Work?

The anti-rattle clips, usually installed under the brake pads, prevent them from moving around the calipers, which means they are designed to push the brake pads away from the rotor. As a result, you can have a smooth brake and avoid the brake pads from overheating to wear off.

Are Anti-Rattle Clips Necessary?

Though the anti-rattle clips are significantly tiny automobile parts that belong to your vehicle’s safety system, it effectively keeps the brake pads in place. The anti-rattle clips prevent the brake pad from moving around the caliper to make any rattling noise when applying the brakes.

It is necessary to use anti-rattle clips to make your brake application smooth and avoid any unwanted rattling noise coming from the brake pads when applied. The rattling noise coming will easily fret you, and ignoring will only put your safety at risk. And any odd noises coming from your vehicle are a warning and are not a good sign.

What Happens If I Don’t Use Anti-Rattle Clips?

As previously stated, not using anti-rattle clips will cause vibration with a rattling noise when the brakes are applied. Though the anti-rattle clips do not cause severe brake system conditions, it is always better to use anti-rattle clips to avoid any inconvenience.

But besides the benefit of anti-rattle clips, controlling the noise, what happens if you don’t use anti-rattle clips? Since the anti-rattle clips are used to prevent the brake pads from moving in the calipers, thus it can cause damage to the brake pads and make noise while driving at low speeds.

Pros of Using Anti-rattle Clips

Though it might seem very important to include anti-rattle clips to your brake pads because it does cause serious conditions, there are still a handful of benefits to consider as to why you need to install ant-rattle clips in your vehicle. A brief insight is given below on some of the pros of using ant-rattle clips into your car. Keep reading to find what small clips could change in your vehicle!

  1. Smooth Brake

The primary purpose of installing the ant-rattle claps is to keep the brake pads secure from moving around the caliper. Hence, using anti-rattle clips in your brake system will help to make the brake smooth when applied. It excludes any unwanted vibrations or rattling noise coming from the brake when pressed against the paddle, not causing a reason to panic or worry.

  1. Increases the Lifespan of the Brake Pads

When the brake pads move around the calipers without anti-rattle clips, it causes the brake pads to wear off sooner. When the brake pads start to get damaged, it causes noises in the vehicle, not only when the brakes are on but also while driving at low speed. Hence, using anti-rattle clips for your car avoid the brake pads moving around the calipers and increases the lifetime of the brake pads in the car.

  1. Safety

As the anti-rattle clips maintain the pressure in the brake pads, using these will increase the effectiveness when the brakes are applied while driving. An effective brake system is a key to safety during a journey; thus, using ant-rattle clips stabilizes the safety of the passengers while driving.

Where Can I Buy Anti-Rattle Clips?

Anti-rattle clips are automobile parts you can find in almost any automotive retail store in your area. If you can’t find any retail stores, you might also be able to purchase their hardware stores. If you typically live away from the city, the easiest and most convenient way to shop for your anti-rattle clips is to buy them online.

You might easily find them in online stores like Amazon or eBay. Look for the specifications you need and select the clips suitable for your vehicle, and get the anti-rattle clips delivered to your doorstep.

Before you purchase anti-rattle clips for your vehicle, make sure they are suitable to fit the model of your brake pads. If unsure, contact a professional for advice by stating your vehicle model before buying.

Anti-rattle clips usually cost between $0.70 to $16, which is comparatively cheaper than purchasing any other auto parts for the car.


The anti-rattle clips used in your brake system play a significant role by preventing the brake pads from causing any vibrations or rattling noise when the brake pedals are applied.

If you hear a rattling noise, or vibrations coming from your brake pedals, it will give you a very unpleasant, annoying feeling and bring you discomfort whenever you have to apply the brakes. Hence, it is essential to use anti-rattle clips to ensure the brakes’ safety and smoothness and increase the brake pads’ lifetime.

In the article are anti-rattle clips necessary, a brief introduction on what ant-rattle clips are, how they work, and what happens if you don’t use them is explained with the pros of using anti-rattle clips.

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