Who Makes Napa Batteries? A Brief Napa Battery Review For You

Who Makes Napa Batteries

The Napa battery is a battery brand. It is one of the famous batteries installed in vehicles and one of the most reliable brands to many who purchased the Napa batteries. Because of the demand in the market for them, most might wonder who makes Napa batteries. To find out more about Napa batteries, keep reading the article.

There are different type of Napa batteries manufactured in different years and models, which features different characteristic based on the price range. The Napa battery is relatively costly compared to other vehicle batteries in the market and can cost between $100 to $ 600 per unit.

But the Napa batteries have a good value for the investment because they are also more durable than normal batteries and can last up to 5 years. This has made the Napa batteries one of the most trusted and accepted brands in the history of vehicle batteries. 

History Of Napa Batteries 

The Napa batteries are mainly manufactured in America and maintain a huge retail industry of batteries with over 6000 outlets in the state. The Napa batteries first came into the business in 1925 through the Napa automobile parts, which Carlyle Fraser found.

In 1946, the East Penn was founded by Delight Jr, which also became one of the most picked manufacturers in the United States of America, producing the Deka batteries and maintaining a high standard. Since the East pen company is specialized in manufacturing lead acid batteries, in 2009, the East pen company started to manufacture the Napa batteries.

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Who Makes Napa Batteries?

Since the Napa batteries carry the Napa name, most might conclude that the Napa Company itself manufactures the Napa batteries. Still, as previously stated, since 2009, the Napa batteries have been manufactured by the East Pen company in the United States of America.

Besides specializing in manufacturing lead acid batteries, the East Pen company also manufactures other automobile parts like cables, wires and battery accessories.

One of the most successful battery brands manufactured by the East Pen is the Deka batteries; Which also maintains a high standard in retail batteries in the united states.

Features Of Napa Batteries 

As previously stated, Napa batteries are quality standard batteries in the retail industry of automobile parts, including the fact that they have a good value for your investment. Because the Napa batteries are manufactured with premium features, they last long for your car. The features of the Napa battery, however, depend on the type and model of the battery. Given below is a brief insight into the features of the Napa batteries.

  • Safe And Solid Built

The Napa batteries are constructed to ensure the customers’ safety, with stable housing and solid construction. A common issue in most vehicle batteries is the excessive gas leakage that loses the battery’s capacity. Still, the Napa batteries also stand out, as they have a safety relief valve system specially designed to control the internal gas pressure, refraining the battery from capacity loss.

Another safety feature of the Napa batteries is the Polypropylene case which increases the battery’s lifetime by reducing the corrosion, vibration and other factors that reduce the function performance of the battery.

  • AGM Design

The AGM battery design is one of the best battery technology available in the industry. It promotes the reserve of power for electronic components in the car and produces excellent power when starting the car.

Compared to non-AGM technology batteries, the AGM-designed batteries last twice longer and also help to charge batteries faster than any common vehicle batteries.

  • Battery Handles Are Strong.

Strong battery handles are another prominent safety feature seen in Napa batteries. It makes it convenient to transport, install and handle the battery as vehicle batteries are heavy objects in common.

  • Spill-Proof

The spill-proof design in the Napa batteries is quite prominent, as they use suspended electrolytes which prevent the possibility of spilling, leaking or freezing during the winter season because when there are liquid electrolytes present in the battery, it tends to leak or spill. This feature is also great for the fact that you don’t have to add water and check the levels regularly.

  • Fewer Terminals

The Napa batteries are designed with only two terminals. Making it convenient to maintain the battery, and regular cleaning will not be necessary for standard performance.

Best Types Of Napa Batteries 

The Napa batteries are manufactured in different models and designs with unique features. The different types of Napa batteries are designed according to the different needs of the car and the customer’s budget.

There are three types of Napa batteries manufactured in the industry. Namely, Napa power battery, Napa legend battery, and Napa Legend premium AGM battery. The above three types of batteries fit depending on the engine and the type of vehicle. However, to know about the different Napa batteries, keep reading the article.

  • Napa Power Battery

The Napa power battery is one of the most affordable battery types with incredible starting power for the car. It has a good value for the price as the Napa power battery is maintenance-free and has a good ventilation system that refrains the battery from loosening.

The Napa power battery comes with a flush cover and packing handles. Refraining the chances of damaging cuts and making it convenient to install and transport because of the packing handles.

  • Napa Legend Battery

The Napa legend battery has a feature that can optimize the starting power to the car’s need. The dynamic starting power in the Napa legend battery makes it a reliable, pleasant drive.

It is also a durable, complex and solid constructed battery that uses the computer-aided method to manufacture it.

  • Napa Legend Premium AGM Battery

As the name suggests, The Napa legend premium AGM battery is a premium standard battery. It is well built and designed in polypropylene material where the battery cannot be damaged easily.

The Napa legend premium AGM battery also charges fast, in a short time, which will save you time.


In conclusion, that article mainly contemplates who makes Napa batteries. However, it also discusses the history and features of the Napa batteries, including the best types of them.

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