Strut Brands to Avoid: Protecting Your Vehicle Investment

Strut Brands to Avoid

It is vital to choose a high-quality strut for your vehicle; otherwise, your vehicle will be damaged over time. And also, you will have to bear a costly repair. However, there are a lot of brands that pop up in the market almost every month. Thus, you will be confused about what to choose and what not to choose. Here, we have listed strut brands to avoid in our blog post.

Thus, you will be able to pick the right one with ease. In addition, we will discuss some more factors you should know in this regard, so keep reading!

Strut Brands to Avoid

These brands can be identified as the worst due to their significant drawbacks. Moreover, we have considered customer feedback when analyzing the details.

  1. OEM Sachs Struts – Although this product is used for superior car brands like BMW, it is not a long-lasting product. Moreover, it is pricy. So, it is not worth the hype.
  2. ACDELCO Structs and Car Parts – Again, this product does not provide a long-lasting result. Also, it is noticeable that the customers who used this have left negative comments regarding its poor quality.
  3. KYB Struts – According to the customer feedback, this product can be harsh on your vehicle. Thus, you cannot trust its performance. And also, it does not last so long. After you use the product for a few months, it can show some imperfections. And it is not 100% compatible with lowering springs.
  4. MOOG Struts – There are some issues with this product, too. Basically, it has inconsistent dimensions. You have to check whether it is compatible with the height of the vehicle. Besides, you might have to face some difficulties in mounting the struts because there are not enough instructions provided. And there is a risk of damaging sway bars when you try to separate the strut. Another thing is that your ride can be stiff with a little bounce if you use this strut.
  5. Sensen Shocks & Struts – This strut seems to be made with low-quality materials. Also, there are some mistakes in its design. In addition, it does not have a long life because it can be easily damaged by shocks and bumps.
  6. Cciyu Struts – This strut is cheaper, but there are some negative points. It comes with a low quality and makes a loud noise when you install it in your vehicle. Most customers think that this strut is unreliable.

Why Should You Choose a High-quality Strut?

If you wonder whether it is essential to choose a high-quality strut, we are going to clarify your doubts. This is why you need to choose a high-quality strut.

  • In case your strut is made with low-quality materials, it can wear out quickly. Then, you have to go for a replacement. That means you have to spend money on strut often.
  • There may be a lack of damping when you use a cheap strut. Consequently, you will experience a bumpy ride. Moreover, it can be stressful for other suspension components.
  • It will be hard to handle and stabilize the vehicle with a low-quality strut, especially when you drive under extreme weather conditions.
  • Extreme noise and vibration are other drawbacks of low-quality struts. Then, your ride will be uncomfortable.
  • There is a risk to your safety if you use a cheap strut. The reason why, it cannot bear the weight of your vehicle. Also, it is unable to maintain the contact between tires and terrain properly.

Why Should You Choose a High-quality Strut?

What are the Best Strut Brands?

Here are our recommendations for strut brands depending on the quality, performance, and durability.

  1. TrueDrive – This strut is not only high in quality but also affordable. It guarantees that their products are manufactured in top factories using high-quality materials. Thus, their products are reliable.
  2. Monroe – This brand produces struts that have a long life. Also, you can drive comfortably and handle the vehicle easily using this strut because it is made according to superior handling standards. Thus, it is possible to operate the vehicle accurately. There is no loud noise or vibration. Thus, this strut is perfect for beginners, too.
  3. Motorcraft – This product is affordable, but it has fulfilled all the qualifications, such as high performance and easy handling. Moreover, you can install it within a few minutes. This brand provides the certifications of temperature, valve durability, etc. Another good quality of this product is it is dustproof.

What is the Average Lifespan Of Struts?

You can use a strut from 50,000 to 100,000 miles. However, the lifespan of the strut depends on some key factors. Basically, the condition of the strut can vary according to the terrain in which you drive your vehicle often.

If it is a rough terrain, the lifespan of the strut can be shorter and vice versa. Another thing is your vehicle type. Also, the quality of the strut decides its lifespan too. If you choose a durable strut, you can use it for a long time. Thus, you have to choose a good one and maintain it regularly.

Make sure to check its condition from time to time in order to avoid safety hazards and costly repairs.

Can Struts Affect the Ride Quality?

Definitely! Strut is responsible for absorbing any imperfection in the terrain and helping the driver to run the vehicle smoothly. If you use a damaged strut continuously, you will experience that the ride becomes bouncy and uneven.

The worst thing is that you will have to make more effort in handling the vehicle, which can lead to accidents. Thus, remember that the strut is an essential and important component of your suspension system.

What Aftermarket Struts are Good?

In case you hope to go for an aftermarket strut, it is advisable to choose a brand like Monroe. The key thing you need to consider here is the longevity of the strut. If it is not durable, you should not use it for your vehicle since it has already been used. A brand like Monroe can reach your expectations because it is durable as well as reliable. There might be some more aftermarket struts in good condition.

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