What Is The Best Oil Additive To Stop Engine Knocking?

best oil additive to stop engine knocking

The engine knocking is the most common issue that you will notice in an old engine. The engine knocking comes with a pinging noise in your engine area; this can be a result of different reasons, but the most common issue for engine knocking is the lack of lubrication in the engine; for this, you must use an oil additive that increases the lubrication. If you are a car enthusiast and think about what is the best oil additive to stop engine knocking, you have come to the right place.

As previously stated, the engine knocking can happen due to different reasons; if the air and fuel are not being distributed evenly, causing the gas to burn out. The most common sign of engine knocking is often a ticking or pinging noise from the engine area.

An old car can typically lack lubricant due to the old age in the engine as it contains rusted and corroded parts. Still, even an old car’s lubrication can be corrected when a suitable oil additive is used.

An oil additive allows the air and fuel to flow smoothly and removes the engine oil area’s dust, rust, grime, and other corrosive materials.

Types Of Oil additives

This is the right place if you have no proper knowledge of what you must look for in an oil additive and how to select an oil additive for your engine knocking.

Given below is a list of the factors you must look for for your engine knocking,

  1. Anti–Oxidants – Limit the oxidation level in the vehicle, which will prevent the engine from wearing off sooner than normal
  2. Friction alterer – The oil additive must work as a lubricant layer, avoiding the friction between the metal surfaces.
  3. Viscidity –the thickness of the oil additive, and the more thicky will increase the exposure to high temperatures.
  4. Anti-foaming – Preventing the formation of bubbles or foaming.
  5. Detergent It helps to get rid of the deposits in your engine

What Is The Best Oil Additive To Stop Engine Knocking?

Engine knocking can be pretty annoying with the pinging noise, causing the distraction while driving. However, an oil additive will allow your air and fuel to flow smoothly, lubricating the engine and giving you an effortless driving experience.

Below is a list of a few best oil additives, according to the reviews, that can make your driving experience a wonder.

Sea Foam SF16 

 This particular oil additive is 100 % based and is an eco-friendly oil additive. It is one of the best oil additives recommended, and the oil additive is excellent for your vehicle as much as it contributes to the green environment.

The Sea Foam SF16 works well for old cars as this can help boost the powers of your vehicle and remove the gum, carbon deposits, and rust from the car.

Using a Sea Foam SF16 makes your acceleration effective and even a quieter ride in your old car.

Archoil AR9100

 The Archoil AR9100 is not the typical type of additive oil that only lubricates the engine but also increases the effectiveness of the hydraulic brakes, gearboxes, and steering, including acceleration, and decreases the loud noise in your engine.

The Archoil AR9100 is one of the best oil additives used in your cars with a diesel engine. Which can also help your car face issues with friction or vibrations; this particular oil additive can also help increase the engine’s durability because the  Archoil AR9100 oil additive helps decrease the engine’s heat levels by 40%, which naturally increases the durability.

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

The Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is one of the most cost-effective oil additives that you can use for your vehicle; this oil stabilizer can last for almost two years. The oil additive also reduces the fuel consumption rate of your engine, where you don’t have to spend your bucks often purchasing an oil additive.

As much as the Lucas Heavy Duty Oil stabilizer is economizing, prevent the dry ups in your engine and optimize the performance of your engine to the maximum.

Rev X Fix Oil treatment

The oil additive is an overall treatment to your car, be it a diesel engine, gasoline or petrol engine. The Rev X Fix Oil treatment effectively fixes the problems of your friction, cleaning the contaminants, deposited carbon and varnish, and rust to make your engine system super smooth and clean.

Using Rev X Fix Oil treatment to your engine will act as a striper and improve the condition of your car engine and driving.

BG MOA oil Supplement

The BGA MOA oil supplement is not the regular additive that helps to give a smooth drive to your car. When this oil additive is used in the car, it acts as a lubricant reducing the contact of metal; for this reason, it can maintain the engine of your car for a long span, which can last up to 5000 miles.

When the metal contact is less in the engine, it decreases the chances of your vehicle wearing off, protecting the parts of your engine. As a result, you will see your engine less overheating too.

The BG MOA oil supplement also reduces the oxidation of the fuel in the car, where it is common to see your vehicle build-up, grime and depositions due to evaporation; this oil additive helps to minimize the oxidation level and residues. Hence the BG MOA oil supplement promotes economizing the fuel of your vehicle.


Using an oil additive for your vehicle is essential and choosing the appropriate oil type oil additive is more than necessary. Above is a list of 5 oil additives that will be useful if you want to maintain a healthy car.

The oil additive will help reduce the deposits in the vehicle and clean the dust and dirt in the engine. It is also cost-effective in decreasing the oxidation levels of the fuel and improving the overall condition of the vehicle.

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